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Executive Summary
2.Course Design



Case Studies

Using Video Conferencing to Support Distance Learning
A Staff Development Course

5 Conclusions

The period of the analysis, design, development and delivery of this training was from November 1997 to April 1998. Formative and summative evaluation carried out during this process has identified modifications to the training. These have now been made and the training programme will be advertised through our Staff Development and Training Unit. The paper based information created for the course has been collated into an accompanying course booklet.

It is our intention to hold a follow-up workshop, in a few months time, to explore the innovative use of video conferencing to deliver teaching. Further needs analysis will also be carried out to identify training requirements in the associated CMC technologies of distance education.

As highlighted in the introduction, the Higher Education community is under immense pressure to ensure that both staff and students are trained and in a position to make best use of C&IT technologies in their teaching and learning technology. This training course only addresses one aspect of this successful integration, as students also require training. Research, carried out in ICBL, indicates that students experience problems and difficulties with technology (Cole, U and Armitage, K. 1997). Complementary training and support is required to address student needs and ensure that the use of the technology is seen as an advancement for, not as an obstacle to, their learning.

Finally, key service providers have a role to play in the design, development and delivery of training in the use of technology. These service providers also have a role to play in promoting, supporting and managing the video conferencing facility and its use within the University. What is not clear, is the definition of these roles but a unified approach is needed to avoid duplication and fragmentation in services.

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