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2.Initial Development
3.Establishing the Project
4.Awareness Raising
5.Staff Experience
6.Multimedia Magic



Case Studies

Encouraging staff to fully exploit the multimedia lecture room

8 Conclusions and Recommendations

1. The Style of Staff Support

a) Certain staff have a perception that they have received little support in the multimedia area in the past. They feel isolated when problems occur and this indicates a complete lack of awareness of the training and support provided by Media Services. If a member of staff were to have one bad experience with the use of multimedia, e.g. booking system, equipment, power cut, etc. they feel deterred from ever trying again. In such situations, they need considerable persuasion and support for a return visit. Further development is required in considering new ways of communication. Staff indicated that they would welcome a consultation arena for support and problem solving.

Recommendation - Media Services to become more client centred and be proactive in encouraging staff, providing continuing support and discussion with each individual on future use.

b) During the introductory sessions, staff indicated reluctance towards more formalised courses. The 'hands-on' individual approach was met with considerable enthusiasm. Staff felt that they had gained realistic experience and were able to direct the tuition towards the multimedia area in which they were particular interested.

Recommendation - The College's Training Officer to ensure that future staff development courses involve input from I.T. and Media Services, and include some process for meeting individual needs.

Recommendation - A new type of support role for staff, providing awareness raising, tutoring and technical support as one integrated process.

2. Portable Multimedia Systems

The portable multimedia systems, recently developed by Media Services, provide an excellent versatile means of enabling presentations throughout the College.

a) Large Lecture Theatres are booked predominantly for large groups, irrespective of whether the multimedia facilities are needed. Consequently, the multimedia facilities are not used as much as they could be due to lack of accessibility.

b) A portable system allows elements to be easily replaced and updated

c) Components are interchangeable to satisfy specific request for special facilities.

d) Portable systems are able to access wider areas of the College, rooms both large and small.

e) Staff felt more comfortable experimenting and lecturing in their own surroundings using multimedia.

Recommendation - The strategy for installing multimedia facilities must change to include more portable multimedia systems

3. Booking Systems

The booking system for multimedia equipment would benefit from being shown on the College Web to allow staff to have increased access to information. Also, spare time between timetabled sessions would be helpful and useful.

Recommendation - Media Services to investigate ways of promoting booking information on the College network.


Recommendation - Tutors should accept responsibility for initiatives in developing presentation styles as part of normal preparation for teaching

5. Involvement with Learning and Teaching

Some staff are fully competent in the use of multimedia and use it inventively in their teaching. Feedback from their students indicates that they welcome the variation of modes of delivery and this adds to the quality of the course. However, certain staff have little idea of the timesaving benefits provided through multimedia. Indeed, several indicated that multimedia would involve considerable additional time being spent to develop materials. Again, further effort needs to be spent here in reassuring and communicating the benefits of multimedia.

Recommendation - Support and development in the use of multimedia to continue for all staff. Continue to develop Information Technology and Multimedia as a major integrated component of the College's Learning and Teaching Strategy.

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