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2.Initial Development
3.Establishing the Project
4.Awareness Raising
5.Staff Experience
6.Multimedia Magic


Case Studies

Encouraging staff to fully exploit the multimedia lecture room

Figure 5:

Initial email to all staff

Organization		WORC.AC.UK
Date Sent		Mon, Jan 26 1998 10:56:51 +0000
Subject			Using multimedia lecture facilities
Priority			normal

Hi Everyone,

As publicised recently in The Source, WCHE has been awarded a grant
to undertake a case study on 'Multimedia Lecturing Facilties'
until the end of April 1998. As a first task, we are trying to find
out about current staff use of multimedia in their teaching.

If you use multimedia on a fairly regular basis, e.g. video, data
projector, slides, computer,......, please could you send me an 
e-mail giving brief details.

e.g. 'I use the data projector every fortnight'
"I use the video to record student activity each week"

Of special interest are details of any use that has been made of the 
Hall and its facilities. Reports of these sessions, either good,
bad or indifferrent, would be very welcome.

Even if multimedia is not for you, then I need to know this as well
- preferably with details of why you do not consider it to 
be useful.

Finally, if anyone wishes to learn more about using 
multimedia in their lecturing, please let me know as there will be
lots of support and encouragement available.

I look forward to your reply.


Dr. Jo Hamilton-Jones
Lecturer in I.T.
Worcester College of H.E.,
Henwick Grove,
Worcester WR2 6AJ

tel 01905 855 462

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