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2.Initial Development
3.Establishing the Project
4.Awareness Raising
5.Staff Experience
6.Multimedia Magic

Case Studies

1 Introduction

1. Jane Barstow and Andrew Rothery made the original case study proposal in autumn 1997 with the aim of finding ways to improve staff use of multimedia presentation facilities.

2. The case study project has been managed by a steering group consisting of Jo Hamilton-Jones (I.T. tutor, staff development role and case study author), Jane Barstow (Head of Media and Print Service), Mary Furlong (Media and Print Service technical staff) and Andrew Rothery (Director of I.T.). This group has met regularly to plan events and monitor progress.

3. Jo Hamilton-Jones carried out the programme of staff development and related activities during the period January - April 1998 and also wrote the case study.

4. The final case study focuses largely on what has been learnt from the recent staff development work and includes an account and evaluation of other experiences at Worcester during 1998. We are hopeful that many of the issues encountered will be of general interest and relevance to the Higher Education community.

Jo Hamilton-Jones
Andrew Rothery
Jane Barstow

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