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Appendix 1


The Language Centre has been asked by the Higher Education Funding Council (under the Support Initiative for Mutimedia Applications) to conduct a survey into the use of the WORLD WIDE WEB (WWW) by language learners. We would be very grateful if you could take a little time to fill in this questionnaire even if you have never used WWW.

Email address:
Language class(es):
Year of study:
Language tutor(s):

1. How confident do you feel about the following:

Please tick in the appropriate boxes.
                                  very confident            quite confident            not at all confident
using a computer			
using a mouse			
using Windows			
using email			
using computer-based 
language resources 
e.g newspapers on CD Rom, 
dedicated software, 
dictionaries, word-processors			
using World Wide Web			

Further comments:									

2. The World Wide Web gives access to a range of resources around the world. In your opinion what possibilities does it offer language learners?

3. Have you used the World Wide Web at all?

4. Which of the following do you use the World Wide Web for?

For each item you tick, please try and give examples of the resources or information you have found useful or interesting e.g. foreign language newspapers, games. Give as much detail as you can.

a) developing your foreign language competence

b) finding out more about the culture (and related areas) of the countries whose language(s) you are studying

c) for non-language study purposes

d) for leisure or general interest

e) other

5. We would like to know how you find information/resources on the WEB. Describe what search strategies have proved useful for you.

Please indicate the steps that you have taken in a recent search for information relating to your language studies.

AIM                                                      YOUR AIM:
e.g. search for information on 
Andreotti trial for Italian essay

STEP 1                                                   YOUR STEP 1:
e.g. find Language Centre Home 
pages; use Webcrawler for keyword 
search (indicate original word/words 
used); enter WEB address given by 

STEP 2                                                   YOUR STEP 2:
e.g. follow link  to articles in on-line 
Italian newspaper	

STEP 3                                                   YOUR STEP 3
e.g. check out all articles with the 
word Andreotti	

FURTHER STEPS                                            YOUR FURTHER STEPS
e.g. return to keyword search results 
to follow up other links	

Additional comments:

6. The World Wide Web was originally conceived as a mechanism for data exchange between research institutions, not as a general learning resource. However, many claim that it offers vast educational potential.

Could you comment on the way:

7. The World Wide Web is a hypermedia resource with linked text, graphics, audio and video. Please comment on how it compares for language related purposes with:

a) classes and lectures

b) separate media resources
e.g. reference and course books, topic boxes, satellite television, video, audio

c) other electronic media
e.g. newspapers on CD ROM, dedicated language learning software, email etc.

Further comments:


Thank you very much for taking time to complete this questionnaire and thank you also to those who have agreed to participate in the observation studies. We would welcome any further comments you have to make on your use of the WEB or on any other learning resources you use in connection with your language studies.

Your notes:

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