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9 Utilities

A number of useful utility programs have been developed which will assist systems managers and information providers.

w3new is a program which will extract a list of URLs from the Mosaic client hotlist file or extract URLs from a HTML document. It will then retrieve the modification dates for each document listed and output a HTML file with the URLs sorted by their last modification date.

Information about the program is available at the URL The utility was written by Brooks Cutter (

wusage is a WWW server usage meter which produces weekly activity reports in HTML. In addition it provides graphical displays of server usage.

Further information is available at the URL The software is available from the URL wusage was written by Thomas Boutell (

getstats (formerly called getsites) is a versatile WWW server log analyser. It is available at the URL

weblint is a Unix utility for checking the syntax of HTML documents. The checks include illegally nested, overlapped, unclosed and obsolete tags. Further details are available at the URL The software can be obtained from the URL The utility was written by Neil Bowers, Khoral Research Inc. ( The email list provides announcements of new versions of the software.

Verify_links is a robot which performs link verification. Further information is available at the URL

MOMspider (Multi-Owner Maintenance spider) is a tool which can be used to help information providers and system managers to maintain links to documents. MOMspider is available at the URL

The following utilities are available at the URL

checkweb looks for dead links in your Web

html+tables.shar creates preformatted text tables from HTML+ Table definitions does a WAIS search using Mosaic from the command line

newslist/ compiles an HTML page of links to all newsgroup on your server

simon/ URL database to replace NCSA Mosaic's Hotlist

test-cgi/ sets up HTTP environment for a CGI script a perl script which brings in any document given its URL retrieves a HTML page named by a URL and all HREFs and IMGs in it

A list of software tools produced by EIT is available at the URL The software includes:

The Webmaster's Starter Kit, which simplifies setting up a Web site, and also includes several utilities to help you maintain and develop your Web site.

WWWeasel, a Web publishing tool that includes a full-featured HTML editor and document management capabilities.


Hypermail is a program that converts a file of email messages to a WWW form. It is available at the URL

Figure 9-1 Use of the Hypermail Utility.

Figure 9-1 illustrates use of Hypermail. Messages posted to the web-support Mailbase list are converted to WWW format using Hypermail. Hypermail enables the messages to be linked (by threads) in date, subject or author order. Hypermail; archives for Mailbase lists are available at the URL


Webify is a Unix utility which can convert output from desktop presentation packages, such as Powerpoint, into a form suitable for accessing on WWW. Webify converts a Postscript file into a set of linked HTML files contauing inline images. Example of output from Webify is shown in Figure 9-2 (taken from the URL ).

Figure 9-2 Output from Webify.

Further information about Webify is available from the URL


WebWatch is a tool for keeping track of changes in selected WWW documents. Using an HTML document referencing URLs on the Web, WebWatch produces a filtered list, containing only those URLs that have been modified since a given time. WebWatch generates a local HTML document that contains links to only those documents which were updated after the given date. You can load this document into any Web browser and use it to navigate to the updated documents (as illustrated below).

Figure 9-3 Use of the Webwatch Utility.

Further information about Webwatch is available at the URL

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