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Appendix 5 References


"Spinning the Web: How to Provide Information on the Internet" by Andrew Ford, to be published by Van Nostrand Reinhold, New York (ISBN 1-850-32141-8) and International Thomson Publishing, London (ISBN 0-442-01962-9). The book describes how to run a web site, which covers creating material for dissemination via the Web and setting up and running a web server. It describes HTML in detail and includes a tear-out HTML reference card and a resource guide. This book is recommended by the author of this handbook.

"Mosaic Quick Tour For Windows" by Gareth Branwyn, published by Ventana Press costs [[sterling]]7.95 (ISBN 1-56604-194-5). Further information available at the URL

"The Internet via Mosaic and World-Wide Web" by Steve Browne, published by ZD Press costs [[sterling]]22.99 (ISBN 1-56276-259-1).

"The World-Wide Web, Mosaic and More" by Jason J Manger, published by McGraw Hill costs [[sterling]]24.95 (ISBN 0-07-709132-9).

"Teach Yourself HTML Web Publishing in a Week" by Laura Lemay, to be published by Sams' Publishing (ISBN 0-672-30667-0). This book discusses not only the various aspects of HTML, Web servers, gateways, forms, and imagemaps, but also focuses strongly on style and structure and navigation. In other words, its not just a reference, its also a style guide.

"HTML For Fun and Profit" by Mary Morris, to be published by Prentice-Hall. It includes forms, clickable images, server includes, indexing, linking and basic formatting. It will have a CD-ROM with examples and tools on it. See the URL

"The Mosaic Handbook for the X Window System" by Richmond Koman and Paula Feguson, published by O'Reilly (ISBN 1-56592-095-3), "The Mosaic Handbook for Microsoft Windows System" by Richmond Koman, published by O'Reilly (ISBN 1-56592-094-5) and "The Mosaic Handbook for the Macintosh" by Richmond Koman, published by O'Reilly (ISBN 1-56592-096-1). These books, which cost [[sterling]]22 each, contain a CD-ROM (the X Window book) or a floppy disk which contains a copy of the Mosaic software.


Many magazines are being published which cover various aspects of the Internet. The following list gives some of the main ones, including ones published in the UK.

Web Week, the newspaper of Web technology and business strategy is available at the URL

.net published by Fortune Publishing Ltd. Further details are available at the URL or by sending email to

infoHighway ISSN 1355-2465. For further details send email to or

Wired. Further details are available at the URL For subscriptions details send email to

3W cost [[sterling]]24 for 6 issues. Further information is available at the URL

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