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Guide to good practices for WWW authors

Questions for information providers

In considering their information in relation to the user, it may be helpful for information providers to ask themselves a number of questions:

Can the user access the information effectively?
Can their browser read it?
Is it accessible in a convenient format?
Is a search facility provided?

Can the user access the information efficiently?
Is the server operational?
Is the document loaded reasonably quickly?
Are images and graphics well rendered?
Can it be read without eye strain?
Do CGI scripts work?

Can the user find their way through the information?
Do they have a sense of where they are at all times?
Can they always reach a start or key document?
Is the next step obvious?
Is it clear where hypertext links will lead?
Are there contact details for questions about the information?

Can the information be understood?
Is it clearly written?
Do the layout and graphics assist in making the meaning clear?
Do hyper-links enhance understanding of the information?

Is the content of value?
Is it relevant?
Is it useful?
Is it accurate and up-to-date?
Does it say something new or unique?
Does it say who is responsible for it?

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February 1996

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