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Guide to good practices for WWW authors

What a template might include

A template might include standard HTML elements which are used on every page, e.g.

DOCTYPE declaration
     <TITLE> </TITLE>
     <H1> </H1>

NOTE: If you use images here, be sure to provide alternative text pointers for text-only browsers.

The following example illustrates a standard group of items with alternative text links at the bottom of every page on the fictional XYZ Institute's WWW server:

<a href="/welcome.htm">
     <img src="/images/house.gif" alt="| Home Page |"></a>
<a href="/help/help.htm">
     <img src="/images/help.gif" alt="| Help |"></a>
<a href="search.htm">
     <img src="/images/question.gif" alt="| Search |"></a>
<A href="/institute/staff/JSmith.htm">J.Smith</a>
<a href="/copyright.htm">Copyright &#169 </a> The XYZ Institute.
All rights reserved.<p>

On a plain text browser, this section of HTML would appear thus:

|Home Page || Help || Search |
Copyright &copy; The XYZ Institute. All rights reserved.

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February 1996

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