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Users views of LIVE-NET

Questionnaires were distributed to staff and students in order to determine users reaction to LIVE-NET. The responses tended to be shared between lecturers and students. The only reasons which weren't shared tended to be specific to each group. LIVE-NET saves students from having to travel whereas lecturers normally use facilities at the college where they are located.

More lectures should be given by LIVE-NET instead of making students go up to London each week”

There were also complaints from students about the lecturers use of visual aids

The lecturers should be made aware that students require more time in which to study and write notes from visual aids.”

There should be a standardised format for the presentation of visual text which makes sure it is visible or lecturers should distribute bibliographies”

Some lecturers don't like or trust the technology involved in LIVE-NET and are adverse to learning to use the equipment as they felt they were there to lecture - not to operate equipment. Some preferred a technician to operate equipment for them. Since the cameras used by LIVE-NET are fixed lecturers are restricted to sitting or standing in one position. Lecturers who are used to walking about tended to find this restrictive and unnatural.

However lecturers can reach a far wider and larger audience with LIVE-NET than otherwise. They are able to show slides, video tape, pictures from the overhead camera (which unlike an overhead projector can be zoomed in and out) and use the LVR for previously prepared stills or video clips. Other lecture rooms do not have all these facilities and some, like the LVR, are unique to LIVE-NET.

Some students feel intimidated by the setup. They feel they couldn't ask questions and are very shy of the camera, however other students are able to participate without any problems.

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