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The production of Computer Based Learning within the UK Higher Education sector means that there is a need to deliver the material produced. This can be achieved using information servers over wide area networks. This report examines the requirements for serving material and considers if the World-Wide Web offers appropriate tools. The sort of information required on the server is considered together with the possible security implications.

The methods by which software can be delivered are considered and an initial implementation of a possible tool to interpret delivery instructions is discussed. Other related tools within the community are also identified. A project with particular needs for dissemination is also considered as a pilot study to identify their real requirements and specify the tools they would need.

The recommendations of the report are that the possibilities of the World-Wide Web should be recognised by those with a need to deliver material. If the need is to supply descriptions and packages that can be contained within single files then clients and servers already supply the necessary means. However, the efficient delivery of more complex package does require new tools to be constructed.

This report is produced as part of the Support Initiative for Multimedia Applications funded under the JISC New Technologies Initiative.

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