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1. Introduction

The Higher Education area within the UK has recently increased its investment in the use of information technology for the provision of teaching and learning resources. Many of these initiatives have concentrated on the production of computer based learning (CBL) material. This has left an area of need to disseminate the material that has been produced.

A separate development in the last two years has been the growth in wide area networks and the information services that can be offered over those networks. The Internet is now stated to have in excess of 40million users. Within the UK the decision by the Joint Network committee (now UKERNA) to establish a Janet Internet Protocol Service (JIPs) [1] at the end of 1992 allowed all UK universities to establish access to the full range of Internet facilities. This has increased the range of services that can be operated within the UK and also extended access to services across the world.

Bringing these two areas together it is clear that the use of networks for distribution and management of the learning resources being created within the UK is a good idea. This report examines the requirements for such a service and discusses the technologies that are appropriate for this task and the way in which computer based learning could be placed on network information servers.

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