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Authoring and Design for the WWW


Visual and structural design of Web documents

Designers need to rethink many aspects of their craft when faced with HTML, which provides both more and less than ordinary document design environments such as Word, WordPerfect, ClarisWorks, Quark Xpress or PageMaker. It is essential that designers work with HTML rather than against it, making the best use of what it can do.

We have become accustomed to some particular freedoms inherent in ordinary document design environments, to which HTML does not conform. On the other hand it allows the thoughtful author and designer some excellent techniques for structuring and presenting ideas.

In this section we offer some illustrated examples of postgraduate student projects from the Centre for Electronic Arts at Middlesex University. The students produced this work while studying for the MA Design for Interactive Media. Only a few of the projects deal directly with educational issues, but all have useful insights to offer into current Web design.


  1. The Death Resource
  2. The Hai-Rise Urban Haiku Site
  3. The Heal Trust
  4. The IATEFL Special Interest Group Site
  5. The Museum Building Site
  6. The Archaeology Adventure Site
  7. The Visual Perception Course Site

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