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Authoring and Design for the WWW


Checklist for making and maintaining a sitepard

The aim of this rather daunting checklist is not to discourage would-be publishers from making Web sites. Many items can be omitted for smaller and simpler projects. However some items will carry a considerable cost, either in real terms or otherwise, and this list may therefore be useful for both planning and budgeting.

It is impossible to over-stress the importance of testing, which should encompass not just technical tests, but also iterative user-testing and redesign of the content , structure and any complex interactions (Usability testing).


Concept development


Editorial control


Text production



Graphic production

Sound production

Video production

Multimedia production

Database production

3D production

Technical support

Maintenance and development


Cost differentials

For the publisher of paper documents, there are obvious differences between the cost of, say, black and white print on cheap paper and full colour print on glossy card. There are cost differentials in Web publishing, but they are not the same. For example, full colour is effectively free for the Web publisher it takes no more time or storage to create a colour picture than a black and white one. Since there are virtually no material costs, the differences instead are dictated by the need for time and specialist expertise. Initial costs will be high if complex interactions are made for example using Shockwave or Java. Running costs will be high if maintenance of the site involves buying in specialist expertise or if the system is so fragile in its design that major portions must be altered or tested each time a small part is revised.
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