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Appendix 3: Examples of Equipment Currently in Use

Tabulated below are some examples of videoconferencing configurations currently in use (derived from the survey described in Chapter 3).
      DESCRIPTION OF EQUIPMENT                                     LOCATION

(a)   PictureTel System 4000 Model 400                           Videoconferencing room
(b)   Silicon Graphics & SuperJANET
(c)   SunSparc IPX workstations, SunSparc ZX workstations.
      Sun Multimedia upgrade kit (board + video camera).
      Sunworks ShowMe video conferencing suite.                  Offices
(d)   Hardware (All x2):
      Panasonic Camcorder VHS-C NVG1
      Panasonic VTR NVF75-HQ
      Panasonic Digital AV Mixer WJ-AVE5
      Sony Trinitron 14" TV/Monitor
      Finlux black design 32" TV/Monitor
      Mac IIvx
      RasterOps 24MXTV Image Grabbing Board
      Apple 16" Monitor
      Mediagrabber (by RasterOps)
      ES f-2-f (by Electronic Studios)
      Timbuktu Pro (Faralon)
      Aspects (Group Technologies)                               Experimental suite 
(e)   Software bundled on SGI Indy machines.                     Office and a shared laboratory.
(f)   GPT 261A Video Codec                                       AV Unit in Medical School
(g)   BT VC8000 hardware with Olivetti's PCC software
       - runs over ISDN.                                         In 3 offices around the city
(h)   Sun workstations 
      (IPC, SPARCclassic, SPARCstation 5, SPARCstation 1)
      with Parallax Powervideo
      with FORE SBA-200 TAXI ATM interfaces
      with VideoPix
      with SunVideo
      using MBONE tools nv, vat, ivs, wb, mmcc, nevot, nt
      using Paradise Software Video Conferencing (PSVC)
      using InSoft Communique                                    Offices 
(i)   Vis-A-Vis Windows + DOS versions on 
      486 Dx 33 PC + TCP/IP + modem 
      + Sony QM-1251 Data projector                              Auditorium.
(j)   DEC Alpha 300LX, AV300, Communique!, (SD, NV, VAT, WB), 
      DECSpin.                                                   Own office.
(k)   Sun SPARCstation IPC/IPX running MBONE software and 
      Silicon Graphics Indy running MBONE applications.
      Apple Macintosh (various) running CU-SeeMe.
      IBM PC clone running CU-SeeMe.
      N.B. The Indy comes with a built-in camera. 
      None of the other machines have cameras.                   Various offices and laboratories.
(l)   GPT codecs operating to H261 standard and ASCEND 	         A variety of rooms and teaching space
      Multiband Units permitting operating at a range of         It is linked through a visual network
      bit-rates (2 Mbps on ATM video Network of SuperJANET;      based on LIVENET-2. This network has 
      128 - 768 Kbps on ISDN).                                   outlets in laboratories, lecture theatres,
      VC7000 Videophone operated at 128 Kbps over ISDN.          seminar rooms and clinical operating theatres.
      ISDN cards in PCs operating at 64-128 Kbps.
      SUN workstation (UNIX) with video cards operating over 
      Ethernet link to Internet. This is a desk-top type 
      workstation running as part of MICE. This uses a variable 
      bit-rate according to availability on the Internet.
      HP 725/75 Workstation (UNIX) with Bitfield codec operating 
      up to 2 Mbps operating over SMDS in the IP network on 
(m)   PictureTel PCS100TM on IBM PC.                              TV Studio and Office. Two ISDN lines are linked
      (Used on trial - now awaiting updated equipment.)           to the TV Studio with an extension to the office
      Now evaluating BT coco derivatives.                         Videoconferencing terminal moved as required.
(n)   BT VC-4100 over 384 kb Kilostream to five studio sites.     Videoconferencing studio. Runs on an extensively 
                                                                  used Welsh network.

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