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Appendix 5: Questionnaire

Below is a copy of the questionnaire which formed the basis of the survey described in Chapter 3

N.B. The format of the questionnaire has been changed to save space (extra lines removed etc.) but the content remains the same.

Job Title:

Main field of interest:

What equipment do you use for videoconferencing? (Please give details of the make, model, hardware and software, etc., if known.)

Where is it situated? (e.g. In your office, in a videoconferencing room, etc.)

Who installed your equipment? Was the installation procedure acceptable to you? Please explain.

Who supports your equipment? (Where would you go if it went wrong?)

How do you rate this support? Please explain your rating.
Which uses do you have for this equipment? Is this what you anticipated? Please explain.

If you use videoconferencing equipment for personal communications then...

What added value does videoconferencing give you?

To whom do you talk?

What are the destinations for the majority of your video calls?

What topics do you usually discuss using a video medium?

What is the limit to the number of individual parties in a call?

How important is the video link in your videotelephony calls?

Have you found your videoconferencing equipment to be useful? (If not, why not?)

What associated facilities do you have to accompany your videotelephony? (e.g. document sharing, file transfer, etc.)

If you use videoconferencing equipment for presentations (i.e. providing information but not specifically for higher education purposes) then...

Do you receive or send presentations?

If you send presentations, who is the recipient?

If you receive presentations, who sends them?

What is the typical content of a presentation?

Apart from the video, what other media are used in the presentations?

Who pays for the presentations and the communication time?

Do the presentations incorporate pre-recorded material? If so, in what form?

If you use videoconferencing equipment for educational purposes then...

Which subjects are taught in this way?

Is the teaching conducted? Does your configuration allow? How many sessions constitute one typical course?

How are questions from students dealt with (e.g. pre-written, asked "live", etc.)?

How is coursework, if any, dealt with?

What additional media are used (e.g. video, graphics, blackboard, etc.)?

Do lectures incorporate any pre-recorded material? Please explain.

If you use videoconferencing equipment for collaborative work then...

With whom is the work conducted?

What type of work is carried out?

Do you have any associated tools for use with the video communication (e.g. shared files, whiteboard facilities, etc.)?

If you use videoconferencing equipment for research purposes then...

What is your field of research?

How do you use your videocommunications?

If you do not yet use your videoconferencing equipment then...

What will you be using it for?

When will you start to use it? Please explain.

If you have any other use for videoconferencing technology...

What do you use it for (e.g. remote surveillance, watching TV, etc.)?

For all current uses......

What is the distance capability of your videoconferencing equipment (e.g. local area, wide area, etc.)?

Do you find that the video medium provides value for money?

How often do you use your equipment?

How long is a typical call (presentation/ conversation/ lecture)?

Are you happy with your overall set up? (e.g. What extra facilities would you like to see incorporated? Are there things you cannot do which you would like to be able to do? )

Which facilities do you find to be superfluous for your purposes? Please explain.

Would you recommend what you have to others? Why?

How are the running/capital costs funded?

From your experiences, is there any advice you would give somebody who was considering the use of videoconferencing technology?

Potential uses for the future

How do you expect to be using videoconferencing technology in 1 year/5 years from now?

What are the limitations in your existing equipment that prevent you from using it in this way at the moment?

Are you considering the purchase of any related equipment? If so, what?

Please add any other comments or feelings about videoconferencing equipment and technology that you do not feel have been covered in the questionnaire.
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