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Annexe 3 : Draft structure of FAQ on Video Conferencing

Draft 0.1 of Video conferencing Frequently Asked Questions

0.1 What is in this FAQ?

0.2Where can I get hold of FAQ's

0.3What is covered in this FAQ?

This FAQ is primarily concerned with ISDN -based video conferencing, using both standalone systems and those incorporated into desktop computers.

1.0 What is Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing is an all encompassing term for telecommunication using video, audio, and sometimes data transmission. It ranges from broadcast quality (as seen on TV News interviews etc.) to low-resolution 1-2 frames per second video conferencing over low bandwidth networks such as slow parts of the Internet.

1.1 What is broadband video conferencing ?

1.2 What is ISDN video conferencing ?

1.3 What is Desktop video conferencing ?

2.0 How do I overcome ISDN bandwidth limitations?

2.1 Additional Hardware

2.2 Visually

2.3 Orally

3.0 How do I get/keep the other site interested ?

4.0 What sort of overheads work ?

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