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The Use of Videoconferencing in Higher Education

4. Field site interview structure for Users

Department / Unit:
Date of visit:

(1) History of Use

When did you first start using videoconferencing?

Why did you first start using videoconferencing?

How did you get to know about the existence of videoconferencing here?

How did you get to know about the potential of videoconferencing/ what it could do for you?

When you first started using videoconferencing, did you receive any training? If so, what did it involve and how long did it take?

(2) Current Uses

Main Uses Current system used Frequency of use Start date Personal/informal communication Presentations Teaching or learning Research Collaborative work Interviewing Other...

Have there been any major changes in your use of the equipment over the last 18 months? If so, what were the changes and why did they occur?

(3) Financial considerations

How do you pay for the service?

Are you happy with the costs/ costing structure?

What are the costs you save by using videoconferencing?

Do you feel that the videoconferencing service here provides value for money?

(4) Technical Considerations

What are the support facilities here? e.g. what would you do if a link went down?

Are there any other external support facilities that you use/ find useful? E.g. other bodies, mailing lists...

What are the main technical problems you have in using the equipment?

Has this changed since 18 months ago?

Are you satisfied with the equipment here?

Are there any other facilities/ equipment that you would find useful?

(5) Administrative considerations

Do you have to book to use videoconferencing?

What is the booking procedure?

Do you think this procedure is successful?

Have there been any changes in the administration of videoconferencing over the last 18 months?

(6) General

Overall, what are your main problems with using VC?

Overall, what do you see as the main benefits of using VC

What advice would you give new users?

What is your overall opinion of videoconferencing here?

Has this changed in the last 18 months?

How do you see the future of videoconferencing here?

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