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Evaluation of the Suitability of Distributed Interactive Videoconferencing for use in Higher Education

APPENDIX 1- Site descriptions

Main sites

Brussels site

Large conference room, capacity of around 100 people, seated in straight rows at tables. Quite formal atmosphere, with long table, mounted on a stage facing audience. Speakers stood at a podium, to the right hand side and had a control of a mouse at podium for interaction with Isabelle system. A local monitor was situated directly on their right hand side at approximately waist height. Two wall-mounted speakers for audio output were on back wall. A control table with PC's and monitors was at left hand side of room, with one Isabelle operator and 'floor manager'. High fidelity recording and playback equipment was used; a camera was situated in a back room behind smoke glass, and a BarCo projector in another room.

Madrid site

Large auditorium with stage, capacity of about 200 audience in tiered seating. Speakers and presenters sat on chairs on the right hand side of the stage (Anne to complete)

Secondary sites

There was a range of secondary sites, ranging from the very small, with two or three participants in front of a PC to large sites in a conference room which could hold a couple of hundred people. All sites had the potential to be highly participative, having the facility to ask questions. The major difference between secondary sites was that they did not have speakers or presenters based at their site. There were 13 secondary sites, based at Austria, Brussels, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Iceland, Luxembourg, Madrid, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Canada.

EU site

Secondary site- therefore no speakers were based there, although there were facilities for questioners, with a video camera on tripod facing audience. Smaller room, in the Beaulieu 9 commission building; more informal atmosphere with participants coming and going at will. Seating for around 30 people. Lower fidelity BarCo projector.
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