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Evaluation of the Suitability of Distributed Interactive Videoconferencing for use in Higher Education

APPENDIX 3- Participant questionnaire

Briefing notes:

- This questionnaire is designed to be administered by a member of the ABC Team (i.e. not handed out to delegates to fill in themselves). - The questionnaire should be administered as soon as possible after the following sessions: A4, A5, B2, B3, C3, C4, C6, D2

After approaching delegate, ask "Were you present during all of the previous session?", if not obvious. If the delegate was present during the entire previous session then continue.


Session no. (A4, A5 etc.)

Name, position, company of delegate

How many days will you be attending the Summer School this year?

Why are you attending the Summer School?/What do you expect to get out of SS?

Have you had any previous experience of videoconferencing? /Have you attended any previous Summer Schools?

All the following questions relate to the PREVIOUS SESSION ONLY:

Audio/Visual aspects

Was the audio understandable?

Did you have any problems at any point during the session with the sound quality or level? (e.g. with feedback, echo, volume level)

Was the video appropriate for this particular presentation? If not why not?

Did you have any problems with video at any point during the session with the quality of the video?

What were you expecting, in terms of audio/video quality?

(If other presentation medium(s) were used during the session e.g. PowerPoint): Were they appropriate for this kind of lecture?

Screen layout

What did you think about the screen layout of the speaker(s), presenter, and questioner(s) (e.g. split screen between presenter & speaker)?

Interaction aspects

Did you have adequate opportunity to ask a question, when you requested? If not why not?

What did they think about presenter/speaker interaction?

(If relevant to session): What did you think about speaker-questioner interaction?

Need to find out about effect of having the speaker(s)/presenter(s) at different locations


Did you feel that you were part of the whole Summer School 'event' (e.g. that there were 20 sites, or simply part of the local audience?

Did you ask any questions? How did you feel these were handled?

Differences between traditional & B/band comms.

What were the best things about the way in which the presentation(s) was given in this session (compared to a traditional conference)?

What were the worst things about the way in which the presentation(s) was given in this session (compared to a traditional conference)?

Did you feel that the quality of network link was sufficient to be able to answer questions from the floor? If no, what were the problems?

(Were there any problems of a technical nature during session?) If yes, ask delegate about these problems, and how well they felt they were dealt with by presenters/ speakers/ organisers.

Did you feel that the event was constrained by the technology in any way?

General questions relating to whole of Summer School

What were your prior expectations of the Summer School? Were these fulfilled?

In your opinion, is the medium of Broadband communications rich/ appropriate, powerful enough to support this type of event?

Are there any other comments that you would like to make about the ABC Summer School?

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