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Evaluation of the Suitability of Distributed Interactive Videoconferencing for use in Higher Education

APPENDIX 4- Structured interviews with speakers

(To be done as soon as possible after the speaker's session)

Name of speaker, and session no.:


Do you have any previous experience of participation at similar events (e.g. past Summer Schools, Videoconferencing etc.)?

Did you practice over the network beforehand?
Follow-up: If yes/no, Did you think this helped/hindered the quality of your presentation? Would you have done anything differently?

Interaction issues

Did you feel that you were part of the whole Summer School 'event' (e.g. that you were talking to the 20 sites, or simply to the local audience? Did this influence your presentation, or modify your behaviour in giving the presentation?

What did you feel about the interaction between you and the presenter/speaker? Could it have been improved in any way?

Did you feel that the other sites were adequately involved in the event?

Did you have any problems of a control nature (e.g. problems during hand-overs from presenter etc.)? Please explain.

Quality of network

Was the quality of network link sufficient to be able to answer questions from the floor? If no, what were the problems?

Did you have any problems of a technical nature? Please explain.

Did you feel constrained by the technology in any way?

Educational aspects

Did you think that the Summer School was an appropriate medium in which to give this particular lecture? How could this be improved?

What were the best things about giving your presentation in this manner (compared to a traditional conference)?

What were the worst things about giving your presentation in this manner (compared to a traditional conference)?

Summary questions

Would you do anything differently next year, in the light of your experience at this Summer School?

Any other comments/things to add?

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