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Evaluation of the Suitability of Distributed Interactive Videoconferencing for use in Higher Education

APPENDIX 5- Experimenter checklist of issues

NB. Juan, Madrid to log the following (if technically possible):
-What site(s) the questions came from e.g. Naples, Berlin (including secondary sites), in each session.
-Technical problems. e.g. When did they occur, how long did they last, which site(s) went down, what was the nature of the problem, what kind of disturbance, if any was there at other sites, did both audio and visual break-down?
-Quality of audio/visual links? e.g. frame rates of video. Is there anything other measures that we could take to quantify the quality of the audio/visual during the conference sessions?

The following to be done, by session (NB: by designated sessions only, or every session? Probably every session?)

Details of any technical problems that occurred during session, e.g. network failure, breakdown in audio/visual.

Quality of comms. link

Application (Isabelle)

How well did it work? Ask organisers, floor managers, operators what they felt about it, what problems they had with it, how appropriate was it for this type of event, adequate training given? etc.
Could carry out a brief expert evaluation if time, and access to system.


Interaction issues

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