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Evaluation of the Suitability of Distributed Interactive Videoconferencing for use in Higher Education

APPENDIX 6- Untreated data from participant questionnaires

Are BroadBand communications rich enough and appropriate to support this type of event?

Yes (C7, Berlin) (B4, Berlin) (C5, Madrid) (B2, Madrid) (Berlin) (C4, Madrid) (A4, Madrid) (B4, Aveiro)
In general yes. I think that picture quality has to be improved (by higher bandwidth) (Berlin)
Yes, but with less bandwidth the same results should have been possible (Berlin)
Broadband yes, interaction, support-no (Berlin)
No (B4, Berlin)
Not yet, but in the future it may be (B4, Berlin)
It is appropriate (C4, Madrid)
Yes, but this is only an experimental event (C4, Madrid)
Not at all (C4, Madrid)
I think that it's the best medium, but there are a lot of things that need improvement (B2, Madrid)
Yes, it could be possible to use more of the broadband (B2, Madrid)
Yes, appropriate and useful (B2, Madrid)
Yes, it's enough (A4, Madrid)
Yes, but the implementation is not good enough (A4, Madrid)
Almost appropriate (A4, Madrid)
Not enough yet (A5, Madrid)
Obviously (Aveiro)
Yes, as the technical problems are solved (C1, Aveiro)
Yes, although some problems should be solved, but I believe it will be of extreme importance in the not too distant future (B2, Aveiro)
Yes, as long as the medium is novel and deeply related with the content of presentations (B2, Madrid)
Yes, however I think that in remote studios, it is harder to grab audiences, and this demands a larger effort in presentation techniques and more imagination in order to obtain more dynamic presentations (Aveiro)
Yes, although the error correcting algorithms were not the best (B4, Aveiro)
Yes, I think the media is rich enough for these type of experiments (B3, Aveiro)
Yes, and I noticed the advantages, for instance money saving on travel, surpass it's disadvantages (B4, Aveiro)
Eventually it will be (B4, Aveiro)
In part I believe the probles are in terminal equipment and not in the network (C1, Aveiro)
Yes, although not sure if other facilities exist that can support it (A4, Belgacom)
Has a future, there is room for development, the merit is that it brings lots of people together, concept is good, just a matter of using it now (A5, Belgacom)
The technical side is there, sound/video synchro needs a bit of work. People are used to TV, but people are used to dubbed movies in Belgium so poor synchro is not so annoying (B2, Belgacom)

Any other comments

Liked friendly and nice atmosphere between all participants (Berlin)
Good atmosphere during the Summer School (Berlin)
If you had experience with video-conferencing technology you know what to expect, and ABC would have fulfilled your expectations. If you have never been exposed to this before and expected a somewhat enhanced traditional Summer School, you were probably dissapointed. I do think that elecommunication, from UNIX talk, to ATM A/V conferencing can be useful and helps to overcome spatial restrictions and that's what it;s good for. If you can get people together in one room, then you should do that, if not, then use information-carrying networks. Personally, I believe we will have broadband mobile IP in the end and everyone participates in such events from their own personal device from whatever location. ABC is somewhat halfway between a traditional conference and my vision. You might say, on the wrong track. But then, that's waht we have as technology now and I do think it has been put to good use (B4, Berlin)
It is an exciting experience to understand the status of ATM by seeing how it fails, the organisation of ABC '96 is a good try (B4, Berlin)
Too many subjects were treated in too little time (C5, Madrid)
See you at ABC '97 (C4, Madrid)
Documentation should be in two colours at least! Also it should be clearer (C4, Madrid)
I thought that companies (in Spain) were much more interested in this theme and I expected more presence of them here (B2, Madrid)
I hope I will be here next year (B2, Madrid)
Some students who are working with the organisation of this event do not have all of the documentation (B2, Madrid)
See you at ABC '97 (B2, Madrid)
I hope that the participation of Latin-American countries will be more competitive next year (A4, Madrid)
See you at ABC '97 (A4, Madrid)
Improve the technical part; needs better organisation (A5, Madrid)
I would like to make a remark on the importance that this kind of activity has, in testing the network structures that already exist (A5, Madrid)
It seems like we're on the right track! (Aveiro)
Avoid, as much as possible, the choice of speakers with doubtful communication capabilities, which, associated with the communication media, made some tasks quite heavy. A word of appreciation for the quality and professionalism of the work of Rui Aguiar, with performance during sessions clearly above average (C1, Aveiro)
Congratulations I you did an excellent job; the organisation was great and you have achieved a very good technical level all around (B2, Madrid)
I think it should continue. I think that a session should exist with a theme approached in depth (Aveiro)
It may be better to create two working groups, one technical, to learn/clarify ways of implementation, the other generic, to get acquainted with the technology (B4, Aveiro)
I think that events like ABC should be carried on, as they allow a fast and easy access to new ideas, although I think that there wasn't any confrontations of ideas, which may be more fruitful. I also think that Isabel needs some more development, that is, it can be improved (B3, Aveiro)
I think that the people that have made possible the ABC '96 have to be congratulated for the overall success of the event. Furthermore, I believe that if there was a bit of dissapointment in some of the attendees of the Summer School, that was mainly caused by the relatively low bandwidth used (6-8 Mbit/s) and to the fact that the technologies used were very new and so couldn't quite guarantee the kind of reliability from the traditional systems, like the telephone. This event has certainly contributed to people's experience on said technology, of which reliability will in the future be a natural consequence (B4, Aveiro)
It was a very noteworthy trial, I will come again (B4, Aveiro)
Didn't hear about it until last week- maybe publicity was a little lakcing. There should have been a button that the members of audience can press, to indicate when they want to ask a question. It could indicate if there are several questions at some sites (A4, Belgacom)
It is quite tiring to follow the event due to the quality; people are not quite used to what it could be. The A3 session was not appropriate for such a short time, it should have been at a higher level (A5, Belgacom)
The scheduling, people have to keep to it strictly. Have doubts about using ISDN technology. Depends how much you know about the technology, will it be a commercial product? Possibly, when the bandwidth is in place.
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