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Evaluation of the Suitability of Distributed Interactive Videoconferencing for use in Higher Education

2 Method for evaluation

2.2 Sessions targeted for evaluation

Prior to ABC '96 eight sessions were selected, intended to represent the range of interaction styles across all sessions (refer to Appendix 2 for ABC '96 Programme). The different sessions were selected for potential analysis on the basis of the following criteria: The sessions selected for analysis were:
  1. Individual presentations, speakers at Aveiro and Brussels, presenter at Aveiro
  2. Individual linked presentations, 2 speakers at Madrid, 1 speaker at Naples, presenter at Naples
  3. Lectures, 1 speaker at Madrid, 1 speaker at Aveiro, presenter at Aveiro
  4. Debate, 3 speakers at Brussels, Madrid and Naples, presenter at Berlin
  5. Linked lectures, 2 speakers at Brussels, presenter at Naples
  6. Lecture, 1 speaker at Brussels, presenter at Brussels
  7. Lecture, 1 speaker at Madrid, presenter at Aveiro
  8. Lecture, 1 speaker at Naples, presenter at Naples

In the following report 'speaker' is defined as a person giving a presentation at the Summer School, 'presenter' is the co-ordination person based at each main site responsible for introducing the speakers, managing questions at their site, and certain chairing-type activities e.g. during discussion sessions. An additional responsibility on presenters was their role in the overall control structure. This aspect was supported from the main control site (Madrid) by a continuity presenter assisted by a content evaluator and commentator. In addition there was also a co-ordinator based at each site responsible for technical co-ordination of their site with the overall Summer School. 'Participants' are attendees to the Summer School.

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