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A questionnaire survey was conducted amongst users of the University of Wales video network during December 1994 to January 1995 (Appendix 1). The questionnaire was circulated to all those who had made bookings of the video network in the previous 4 years. This involved university administrators and academics representing most departments across the five constituent colleges. For the most part users interests were not in the technicalities of videoconferencing, but the potential for remote communication, and presentation in their respective areas of responsibility.

A particular feature of the videoconference service is the potential to support and promote the delivery of sessions in the medium of Welsh. The survey indicated 10% of sessions were conducted entirely in Welsh, and 10% partly in Welsh. The survey was conducted as part of a small study commissioned by the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) of the HEFCs. Its purpose being to enable the experiences gained in the past 5 years on the University of Wales network for conferencing, committees, teaching and research use to be collected, summarised and made available to the users of the SuperJANET video network which is being established in the rest of the UK.

The outcome of the survey comprises:-
  1. A comprehensive report on the survey,
  2. Recommendations on good practice applied to the conduct of meetings and for teaching use derived from the experiences reported in the survey,
  3. References and literature relating to good practice in videoconferencing.

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