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A case study using the WWW as the medium for the delivery of learning resources


The main case study in this report illustrates how departments with minimal technical knowledge and skills can rapidly learn to set up and manage their own facility for delivering learning materials, and begin to engage in online discussions between staff and students. The second case study demonstrates one of the many ways in which the use of the WWW can be used in a flexible and inventive way to suit the requirements of a particular course. (see Appendix D. for more sources).

The report has suggested an approach by which technology can be somewhat demystified, and has tried to shift the focus to pedagogy by demonstrating how learning technology can be put at the service of specific teaching approaches. By beginning with a very simple model of usage, technological tools are put into the hands of those delivering courses, thereby enabling them to engage in thinking about how these tools might be developed to enrich the teaching and learning experience while remaining under the control of those involved in the educational process.

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