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Organisations with immersive VR facilities

Those laboratories and organisations equipped with high-performance immersive VR systems and 3D input devices are listed here. As noted elsewhere, the issue of immersive versus non-immersive VR is quite contentious, and yet without an immersive system it is not possible to fully investigate those aspects of VR which arise from being immersed in a virtual environment. Companies reporting this capability were:

  BAe Bristol       Human factors
  Division          Supplier
  DRA               Human factors
  Go Virtual        Retail/marketing
  ISSL (Salford)    Applications
  Virtuality        Entertainment
  Virtual Presence  Supplier
whilst university groups were:
  Belfast           Robotics
  Cardiff           Psychology
  Edinburgh         Psychology/human factors
  Heriot-Watt       Mechanical Engineering
  Hull              Medical applications
  Manchester        VR software systems and applications
  Nottingham        CSCW
  QMW, London       HCI
  Southampton       Human factors

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