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The Survey

The aim of the survey is to obtain an accurate profile of who is doing what in the field in the UK, including:

The results of the survey will contribute to AGOCG's advisory activity in this area, and will be widely disseminated, published as an AGOCG Technical Report in September 1994 and will be available to all UK academic and industrial VR workers. This is an excellent opportunity for workers in the field to find out exactly who's doing what, where.

Please note: we have tried to make this questionnaire as concise as possible, because we know your time is valuable. Where the questions (and suggested types of answer) are not directly appropriate to your group, please feel free to answer in whatever way you feel is most appropriate. If you do wish to make any detailed responses, these will be appreciated, and carefully attended to.

Please return the completed questionnaire, by post, fax or email, and address any queries you may have, to:

Toby Howard (UK VR Survey)
Advanced Interfaces Group, Department of Computer Science
University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PL
Tel:+44 61-275-6274, Fax:+44 61-275-6236
World Wide Web:

We thank you for your cooperation in this survey, and we look forward to being able to share the results with you.

The Questionnaire

(This questionnaire is available as a PostScript document, on anonymous ftp site, as /pub/toby/ Log in as user `anonymous', giving your full email address as password.)

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