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The 1997 UK VR Survey

A Survey of Virtual Reality Activity in the UK

In 1994 the Advanced Interfaces Group at the University of Manchester were commissioned by the Advisory Group on Computer Graphics (AGOCG) to conduct a survey of VR activity in the UK. The survey was consequently published as an AGOCG Technical report and made available on the internet.

As the AGOCG VR Support Officer based at Loughborough, Lenny Stapleton has been tasked to update the VR survey in 1997.

The aims of the survey are:

The findings of this survey will be collated and published as an AGOCG technical report and will be made available to all UK academic and industrial workers. The survey provides a good opportunity to gauge the development of the VR community since the 1994 survey and will provide an excellent insight into the current status of VR research in this country.

As an incentive for prompt reply, the first 100 respondents will receive a copy of the proceedings for the up-and-coming VRET `97 conference at Loughborough University.

Form Filling Instructions

An online VR questionnaire form is the preferred method of response for this survey. The form should be compatable with most versions of Netscape and other browsers. The online form is essentially comprised of three input methods:

1. Text fields. These are filled in by simply positioning the cursor in the field and typing the necessary text. Text fields are unlimited in size, text will simply scroll left if the amount of space provided on the form is exceeded.

2. Drop down menus. These are used where a single response to a question is required. For example, how many people work for the group has only one possible answer. Clicking the menu will cause all options to be displayed. The appropriate option can then be selected.

3. Check boxes. Check boxes are used where more than one answer to the same question is possible. For example, please indicate the backgrounds of your group members. The default for checkboxes on this form is OFF, simply clicking in the appropraite box turns the option ON (denoted by a cross in the box). Any amount of checkboxes can be activated under a particular heading.

Word 6 and ASCII text versions of the questionnaire can be downloaded by clicking on the appropraite link. These files are zipped.

E-mail and hardcopy versions can be obtained from Lenny. Please contact Lenny by any of the means listed below.

The form has been made as concise as possible in order to provide ease of response. However, where questions are not directly applicable, please feel free to answer in whatever way you feel is appropriate. In addition, a blank field has been provided at the end for information that will not fit in the designated boxes or any further information that you feel will be useful. Detailed responses will be appreciated and carefully attended to.

To send a response simply hit the send query button at the end of the form. There is also a reset key, that will set all the input fields back to their default settings.

Further Information

For further information please contact Lenny Stapleton at:

Department of Human Sciences
Loughborough University
LE11 3TU

E-mail :

Page last updated by L.J. Stapleton 23rd October 1997

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