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1 Introduction

In 1994, the U.K.'s Advisory Group on Computer Graphics (AGOCG) commissioned the Advanced Interfaces Group at Manchester to conduct a survey into the state of the art in virtual reality in the U.K. The findings were published as an AGOCG Technical Report [1]. This year, we were asked to update the results, to provide input for an AGOCG Workshop to be held in December 1995.

As before, the survey was conducted by post, email, WWW and telephone, with notices placed in newsletters and distributed at conferences, and with numerous followups. This year, 58 responses were received - a small increase on the 51 in l 994. Details of the respondents can be found in Appendix C. Many of them are the same groups who replied last year, but have dropped out (9) and some are new (16).

To provide a comparison with the previous results, we have kept the questionnaire the same as before; a copy is included as Appendix E. This has permitted us to include last year's data alongside the new information, in our summaries and analysis of the responses.

Whilst every effort was taken to make this survey as representative as possible of VR work currently being undertaken in the U.K., a number of companies, research groups and individuals, known to be working with VR, did not respond to repeated requests for information. The results presented should be viewed as representative of a large cross-section of the U.K. community that feels able or willing to discuss its activities. We would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks to all those who responded to the questionnaire.

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