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The Design of Virtual Environments with particular reference to VRML

About this report

This report was written by Stephen Boyd Davis, Principal Lecturer in Multimedia at the Centre for Electronic Arts, with contributions by colleagues in the Centre.

Sections on Fundamentals of spatial organisation and Movement Perception, together with the paragraphs on Architecture as spatial design were written by Prof John Lansdown, Emeritus Professor. They are derived from a report on Visual Perception prepared for the Human Factors Unit, British Telecom Laboratories, Martlesham, and are used here by kind permission.

The sections on designing within current and future versions of VRML were written by Dr Avon Huxor, post-doctoral researcher in virtual environments, who also contributed sections on interaction in social spaces and augmented realities.


The authors would like to thank the following:

Helena Athoussaki and Grethe Mitchell, postgraduate students of the MA Design for Interactive Media, built a VRML model as the other component of this SIMA Project.

We thank BT for supporting the development of the Centre's 3D-Workshop which made the student project possible, and particularly Andrew McGrath for his technical and tutorial assistance for student projects.

The report was funded by a grant from the Advisory Group on Computer Graphics: Support Initiative for Multimedia Applications.

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