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Review of Visualisation Systems

4.5 Khoros

4.5.1 - Data readers
4.5.2 - Tools for importing data

4.5.1 Data readers

The specific formats which are supported within Khoros 2.0:

A number of public domain utilities are available; for example the PBM Plus utilities could be used for importing data into a pnm format which can then be read by all Khoros operators.

4.5.2 Tools for importing data

Khoros has a different view on data import. In general, data access is performed through data services using one of the Khoros data models. Data services transparently supports a number of file formats. When a file is opened, data services checks the file to determine if it is one of the supported file formats. If it is, then the data contained in the file will be made available through the various segments in the data model. Applications which use data services can simply open up a file, and if the file is one of the supported formats, it will be able to access it. while most file formats can be automatically understood by Khoros operators, some file formats may need extra information to be imported correctly. The following routines are available for importing ASCII and raw data.

Review of Visualisation Systems
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