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Review of Visualisation Systems


5.5.1 - Hardcopy
5.5.2 - File output
5.5.3 - Video/Animation

5.5.1 Hardcopy

PV-WAVE CL provides a number of options for producing hardcopy output and includes support for, Postscript, HPGL, PCL, QMS QUIC, CGM, Tektronix 4510 (rasterizer(*) DEC LJ250, SIXEL and PICT.

Five steps are required to produce hardcopy output and these are (PV-WAVE CL Commands in brackets):

Specific formats and configurations are specified through the use of keywords to the above commands. Where commands are not specified e.g. no DEVICE following a SET_PLOT, default values are taken. The command HELP can be used to obtain information about the currently selected device.

In general hardcopy output is easily created and the supplied documentation provides useful examples.

5.5.2 File output

File output from PV-WAVE CL is created by the use of the data export procedures and DC functions, which include:

Equivalent functions broadly exist for data input (please see the data input chapter).

Data import / export error messages and associated options can be specified through the functions:

In general file output is easily created and the supplied documentation provides useful examples.

5.5.3 Video/Animation

The programming constructs available provide the mechanism to produce animation sequences, and a sample animation procedure is provided with the supplied documentation. The constructs and procedure enable simple flip book animation sequences to be created.

Review of Visualisation Systems
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