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Review of Visualisation Systems

7.1 Application Visualization System (AVS)

7.1.1 - Remote module execution
7.1.2 - Remote access

7.1.1 Remote module execution

AVS supports the remote execution of modules on heterogenous platforms. To transfer the data between machines the external data representation (XDR) is used to represent the data and the Unix socket mechanism to transport the data. If the machines both use the same data representation then the XDR translation is bypassed. All this is made transparent to the user and remote modules are used in the same fashion as local modules in an AVS network.

7.1.2 Remote access

AVS can be executed on a machine as an X client with the display set to point to a remote X server (display). When the geometry viewer tries to start up on the remote display it will try to initialize a hardware renderer of the same type on that machine. Currently only PEX/PEX and DGL/DGL pairings are supported. The software renderer within AVS can be used on remote 8 bit colour displays and is independent of the hardware capabilities of the remote machine.

Review of Visualisation Systems
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