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Review of Visualisation Systems

7.4 Khoros

7.4.1 - Remote module exectution
7.4.2 - Remote access
The Khoros installation guide provides more detailed information [35]

7.4.1 Remote module exectution

A remote daemon, phantomd, is executed on the remote machine and handles all the requests to execute a remote task and the transporting of data to/from the remote machine. The transports supported for the transferring of data to remote machines include sockets and Sys V Transport Layer Interface (tli). In Khoros 2.0, local processes now communicate through a local phantom daemon. The local phantom daemon then communicates with remote phantom daemons. This method has the benefit of enabling more advanced distributed computing features to be added such as load balancing, security, encryption, process groups. This functionality is not availble in the current ftp release of Khoros 2.0, but is expected to be on line for the CD release next year.

7.4.2 Remote access

Khoros, since it is based on X, can be accessed as a remote client with its display pointed to a local X server (display). Khoros supports all visual types of X servers.

Review of Visualisation Systems
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