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Review of Visualisation Systems

8.2 AVS

8.2.1 - Availability
8.2.2 - Support
8.2.3 - Information
8.2.4 - User groups

8.2.1 Availability

General information on availability can be found on WWW at: The International AVS Center, North Carolina Supercomputing Center, US can also be accessed on:


The UK office of Advanced Visual Systems Inc is:

Montrose House
Chertsey Boulevard
Hanworth Lane
Surrey KT16 9JX

Tel: 01932 566608
Fax: 01932 568842


A brief summary at time of writing is given here, but please see the following URL for current information. Workstation platforms supported are:

The next release of AVS (AVS6) will be released on PC platforms including both Windows NT and Windows 95.

For more up-to-date information access the URL:


The following is an extract from the NISS Bulletin Board; refer to the Bulletin Board for full details. CHEST and AVS/UNIRAS Ltd. have concluded an Amendment to the CHEST/AVS Agreement which offers a per-platform licence, as an alternative to the multi-platform licence originally offered. This deal is applicable only to UK Higher Education Institutes.

The annual charges are as follows:

8.2.2 Support

UK Support Arrangements

The following is an extract from the NISS Bulletin Board; refer to the Bulletin Board for full details.

International AVS Center

The International AVS Center serves as a catalyst for expanding the AVS user base and for increasing AVS functionality by fostering discipline-specific module development and new AVS uses. Located at the North Carolina Supercomputing Center, the worldwide clearinghouse collects, ports, and distributes user-contributed, public-domain modules and acts as liason between users and vendors. The International AVS Center also publishes a quarterly magazine called AVS Network News and a yearly module catalog. It also hosts the yearly International AVS User Group conference and coordinates User Group activities.

The AVS Consortium is made up of seven AVS sponsors and two affiliates who are funding and providing direction for the International AVS Center. The seven sponsors are Advanced Visual Systems Inc., Digital Equipment Corporation, IBM, Hewlett Packard Company, Kubota Computer Corporation, Kubota Pacific Incorporated, and Sun Microsystems. The two affiliates are Mobile Research and Development and Oki Electric, Inc.

International AVS Center North Carolina Supercomputing Center 3021 Cornwallis Road Research Triangle Park, NC 27709 Phone (US) 919-248-1100

The main email alias for the center is

8.2.3 Information


On-line Information

AVS 5.02 has online reference information for all the modules in the system and a series of pages for various topics within AVS. The next version of AVS (AVS6) will have online, context-sensitive, hypertext help system based on the Bristol Hyperhelp for Unix and Winhelp for Windows.

Module Repository

The International AVS Center at the North Carolina Supercomputing Center (NCSC) was established to provide support for AVS. One of the functions the center provides is a repository of AVS modules supplied by users which are available via anonymous FTP Manchester Computing Centre (MCC) provides a shadow of the repository of modules on The repository contains well over 600 public domain modules available in source code form and a number of sample datasets.

Frequently Asked Questions

This can be accessed by: There is also the Usenet newsgroup

8.2.4 User groups

UK AVS User Group

There is a UK AVS User Group which meets approximately twice a year in the UK. The current charge is 25 per year for individual membership and 125 per year for organizations. The chairman is Julian Gallop, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (email:

International AVS Center User Group

You can join the International AVS Users Group for a yearly fee of $100.00 which includes subscription to the AVS magazine, the yearly AVS electronic catalog of modules (user donated and commercial), a $50.00 reduction on attending the yearly International AVS Users Group conference and have special rates for additional services as they become available. To join, send check or money order for $100.00 (add $10.00 if out of continental USA) to:

The International AVS Center PO Box 12889 3021 Cornwallis Road RTP, NC 27709

Review of Visualisation Systems
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