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Review of Visualisation Systems

8.4 IRIS Explorer

8.4.1 - Availability
8.4.2 - Support
8.4.3 - Information
8.4.4 - User groups

8.4.1 Availability

General information on availability can be found on:


IRIS Explorer was originally developed by Silicon Graphics Inc, but it is now developed, distributed and supported by NAG Ltd.

The software can be ordered from:

IRIS Explorer Center
PO Box 50
United Kingdom

Tel: 01865 516377
Fax: 01865 516388


A list of platforms on which IRIS Explorer is available can be found on: A brief summary at time of writing is given here, but please see the above URL for current information.

Workstation platforms supported are:

The platforms for SUN (Solaris), Hewlett-Packard HP9000/700 and DEC Alpha are under development.


Please note that for current pricing structure users should contact their nearest IRIS Explorer Centre (which are run by NAG Ltd). Prices for educational users is normally a 50% discount on the industrial price.

A preferential rate for is offered to Silicon Graphics users until Release 3.0 of IRIS Explorer is available. After that, NAG's standard pricing will apply.

8.4.2 Support


Support is provided through a IRIS Explorer Center help desk which can be accessed by the telephone, fax or email addresses given earlier.

8.4.3 Information


On-line Information

There is on-line help for each module, and man pages for the API routines.

Network Information Services

Details of all NAG products and services, including IRIS Explorer, are available from the NAG WWW server. Information is updated regularly and includes Technical Reports, Product Availability Details and Free Software.

Connection details: There is an FTP site at Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre which maintains a repository of modules and an FAQ list. This can be accessed via the NAG WWW server, at the URL: Other IRIS Explorer files are available at other sites, e.g. To subscribe to the IRIS Explorer mailing list send mail to There is an active Usenet group for IRIS Explorer:

Repositories of examples

In the UK, NAG provide a bulletin board called the IRIS Explorer Center which can be accessed using mosaic (a WWW interface) or gopher. This homepage provides links, via an Explorer map looking point and click interface, to FTP sites in the UK ( and in the US (, User Group Info and FAQ, Documentation and Announcements.

The FTP sites have a mixture of binaries and source code for a variety of modules that can be downloaded. There are currently binaries for SGI and SUN systems. Also documents are available.

8.4.4 User groups

There is an IRIS Explorer User Group. Meetings are held in conjunction with the SIGGRAPH and Eurographics conferences. Details from the IRIS Explorer Center, address above, or from the WWW home page for IRIS Explorer.

Review of Visualisation Systems
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