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Review of Visualisation Systems


8.6.1 - Availability
8.6.2 - Support
8.6.3 - Information
8.6.4 - User groups

8.6.1 Availability

General information on availability can be fond on WWW at:


The UK Academic contact is Nigel Brown:

Visual Numerics Ltd.
New Tithe Court
23 Dictate Road
BerkshireSL3 7LL

Tel: 01753 790600
Fax: 01753 790601



PV-WAVE CL is available as part of the Visual Numerics Ltd. CHEST agreement and is available for the following platforms:

PV-WAVE "Personal Edition" is available for the PC under Windows 3.1 but is not included in the CHEST agreement. The full terms and conditions of the PV-WAVE CL CHEST agreement are detailed below, including costs.


This is a 5 year CHEST Agreement which commenced on the 23rd March 1994 and terminates on the 22nd March 1999. Institutions may participate at any time during the period; however they will be bound until the end of the Agreement. The Agreement covers both the PV-WAVE family of products and the IMSL C and FORTRAN numerical and graphical libraries. New platforms will be provided within the charges if and when commercially available from Visual Numerics.

The Options for pricing are as follows:

Please note that this information was correct at the time of printing.

8.6.2 Support


Visual Numerics Ltd. are a small organisation and support for PV-WAVE CL is currently restricted to Telephone contact for those nominated as CHEST technical contacts (see directory below). Email access to Visual Numerics Ltd. is possible but it is preferred that this is used for general information requests only (see directory below).


8.6.3 Information

Manuals for PV-WAVE Command Language

Manuals on the PV-WAVE Point & Click product

PV Software Licensing

For the person installing Precision Visuals software, this guide is concerned with unlocking the software.

On-line Information

On-line help is provided within PV-WAVE CL in the form of a procedure called HELP, and a help system. A separate help utility is available outside of PV-WAVE; "man" pages are not provided.

The help procedure can be used with a number of command line parameters to return status information with regards to the current session and variables in use. The help system can be accessed to obtain on-line information with regards the functions and procedures available both within PV-WAVE CL and outside via a help utility.

Network Information Services

There is a WWW site for VNI Inc.,:

Information Email:

There are two Mailbase lists:


8.6.4 User groups

There is not a formal PV-WAVE User Group but occasional user meetings are arranged by Visual Numerics.

Review of Visualisation Systems
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