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Review of Visualisation Systems

9.4 Khoros

9.4.1 - SWOT analysis
9.4.2 - Comments
9.4.3 - Summary
The analysis for the SWOT was performed from Beta release versions of the manuals. At the time of compilation of the results there was no access to information on the Data Input Tools and Data Readers.

9.4.1 SWOT analysis


Range of versions: Strength

Company stability: Weakness

Costs: Strength

Video capability: Strength

Hardcopy: Weakness

Documentation: Strength

Support: Strength

Khoral Research, Inc. offers monthly training courses and various consulting contracts.

Usability: Weakness

The Khoros 2.0 version of Cantata contains something called a Finder, which allows for module searches based on keywords.

Functionality: Strength

Distributed support: Strength

Customisability: Strength

Command language: Strength

9.4.3 Summary

Khoros is an integrated software development environment that allows users to compose and perform a variety of tasks related to image and signal processing, medical imaging, remote sensing, ecological research, data exploration, scientific visualization, X-window application development and other application specific domains.

Khoros includes a visual programming language, a suite of software development tools that extend the visual language and help you create new applications, an interactive user interface editor, an interactive image display package, 2D/3D plotting, and an extensive suite of image processing, data manipulation, scientific visualization, geometry and matrix operators.

Review of Visualisation Systems
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