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Review of Visualisation Systems


9.5.1 - SWOT analysis
9.5.2 - Comments
9.5.3 - Summary

9.5.1 SWOT analysis


Range of versions: Strength

Company stability: Strength

Costs: Strength

Data input tools: Strength

Distributed support: Weakness

Data readers: Weakness

Video capability: Strength

Hardcopy: Weakness

Documentation: Strength

Support: Strength

Usability: Strength

Functionality: Strength

In addition to the standard functionality the Advantage product has the full IMSL C library routines integrated into it.

Customisability: Strength

Command language: Strength

9.5.3 Summary

A very good general purpose package, providing rich functionality suited to a wide skill range of users, although more particularly those with programming experience. PV-WAVE is complementary to Uniras and AVS in the community, and not in competition with them.

Strengths which will carry the system forward are its data input tools and functionality. Some aspects of support will require attention by the suppliers in view of anticipated environmental changes. Ready-made data readers, and hardcopy facilities, represent the most significant weaknesses. The expected widening skill range of users is the chief environmental factor showing advantage for this system.

Annex to Chapter 9:
Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats

Review of Visualisation Systems
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