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Review of Visualisation Systems


PV-WAVE CL is a particularly easy package to get started with, primarily due to having an excellent on-line help and demo system and good introductory documentation.

Once PV-WAVE CL has been started the supplied demo gallery is particularly comprehensive and useful, and the CL code for these examples is availble to the user. An example from a PV-WAVE demonstration is shown in figure 5.

There are three getting started manuals provided, although some are not obviously named. These are:

The latter contains a very useful section, "An Interactive Session with PV-WAVE CL", which introduces the basic concepts of the command language via a simple tutorial.

Caution is required where these manuals refer to machine specific startup of PV-WAVE CL (environment setup and execution), as it is likely that these are site dependent.

Review of Visualisation Systems
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