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Welcome to the Tutorial on Deltagraph 4.0

(Macintosh Version 4.0)

Deltagraph is a package with extensive facilities for the production of charts and graphs. It is owned by SPSS, Inc. and is available, via CHEST, to the UK academic community.

The principal purpose of this on-line, web-based tutorial is to introduce users quickly to the essential features of DeltaGraph necessary to produce charts/graphs of types in common use in academe. It does not attempt to cover the full range and functionality of Deltagraph and users needing more information about Deltagraph than is covered by the tutorial, are referred to the Deltagraph Help system or the Deltagraph User's Guide for version 4.0.


  1. The tutorial should operate with either the Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers at level 3 or above. The tutorial is not suitable for viewing by a browser which does not support frames.
  2. The tutorial has to make explicit references to the names and locations of the Deltagraph software components within the Macintosh file system. It may be that the names and locations referred to differ from those on the system that the user is actually using. If so, the user should check with their local support to identify the particular files and directories involved.

Starting the Tutorial

To start the tutorial, click here

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