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2.3 Data flow systems - application builders

Data flow systems - or application builders as they are also called - are powerful visualization systems which allow the investigator to control the flow of data through a network of processing modules. In general a number of characteristics are shared by this class of visualization software.

The investigator can begin by using already provided visual networks and can then proceed to modify these by selecting other modules from the provided pallette. When experience is gained, modules can be gathered from elsewhere or written oneself and then included in the system.

The result is a powerful capability to proceed by example in easy stages.

The systems summarised here are:

An evaluation of AVS, Khoros and another system apE took place in 1991/92 and is described in a report on behalf of the UK academic community [AGOCG 9]

AVS is the most technically mature of the systems, being now in its release 5 and is available on a wide range of workstations. There is a CHEST deal for AVS.

Table - online information about Data Flow Systems
product type of access name
AVS Email address for automated replies on the current AVS catalogue, on how to obtain modules, the README file on International AVS Center, and on the International AVS User Group
Further modules by anonymous ftp
NewsGroup (in U.K.) or
Iris Explorer Further modules by anonymous ftp
To subscribe to mailing list
Email address for information on the Iris Explorer gopher service
Khoros Newsgroup
To subscribe to mailing list

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