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Data Format - VDI & BGF

Purpose and General Description

BGF and VDI are formats used by VR software from Division . BGF is the Binary Geometry File format. VDI is the Virtual Data Interchange format and contains a comprehensive set of definitions for a virtual environment. As well as a reference to geometry files, a VDI file can contain audio, collision, constraint management, events, keyframes for animation, lights, physical properties, references to material and texture files, space zoning and the definition of the user role in the virtual environment.

Packages/Toolkits that output VDI

Several Geometry Conversion Tools to VDI and accompanying BGF files from 3DS, DXF, Inventor, VRML and Wavefront OBJ and MTL formats are available from Division.

Packages/Toolkits that input BGF

Geometry Conversion Tools from BGF to 3DS and DXF are available from Division.

Information last updated on 17 March 1998.

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