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Packages - Data Explorer (DX)

Purpose and General Description

The IBM Visualization Data Explorer DX - or via European mirror . provides a visual approach to analysing scientific and other data, using the dataflow approach to visualization. A wide range of public domain modules are available via the Data Explorer Repository. More information (dating from 1995) is available about dataflow systems in general, including DX.

Output Formats Generated

The result of working with DX can be a 3D abstract scene. Although DX has a renderer, there may be reasons for wishing to export 3D scenes - for example, to make it available on the Web, to make a high quality still or video or to analyse it in a VR system. DX generates its own geometry format and other modules via the Data Explorer Repository can create other geometry formats.

Supplier and Cost

DX is commercially available from IBM .

Information last updated on 2 December 1997.

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