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Packages - GOOD

Purpose and General Description

GOOD is a public domain software environment for interactive programming of 3D graphics. It consists of: a Tcl/C++ Raytracer/Shader/Radiosity (YART); an Interactive Object Manipulator (IOM); and (not available at present) a Module Application Framework (MAF), a C++ class library for dataflow-driven applications including IPC and data transfer.

Input Formats Accepted

YART accepts files which have been interactively prepared using IOM.

Output Formats Generated

YART generates images directly for display using X11 or a graphics packages such as OpenGL or GL.


OpenGL (display lists, all rendering modes, Tk), IRIS GL (display lists, all rendering modes, Tk), X11 (all rendering modes, Tk [Very slow!]), and X11_VOGL (just wireframe and ray-tracing, no vertex colors, no gouraud shading, limited colors, no radiosity output, Tk)


More detail about the functionality of YART and IOM can be found via the main page for GOOD .

Supplier and Cost

The GOOD environment is available public domain.

Information last updated on 2 December 1997.

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