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Packages - MultiGen

Purpose and General Description

MultiGen is an "interactive, graphical modeling system for creating, editing and viewing 3D, fully textured, out-the-window scenes and instrumentation for real-time visual simulation, VR and entertainment applications".

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Input Formats Accepted

MultiGen can import 3D models in DXF, Alias, Wavefront and 3D Studio data formats. It can import terrains from DTED, USGS, SIF or DFAD data. It can import textures from image formats including GIF, TIFF, PCX, JPEG, IFF, Alias PIX and Wavefront RLA.

Output Formats Generated

In addition to its own database, MultiGen can export DXF.


Available on SGI platforms.


Numerous options exist, including Road Tools for civil engineering, terrain modelling (from USGS and DMA DTED data), textures, audio, behaviour and instrumentation.


Other related products are available from MultiGen, including SmartScene is also intended for assembling 3D scenes for real time use, but provides a more intuitive design, taking advantage of natural hand-eye coordination.

Applications include "flight, ground and marine simulation, accident reenactment, virtual reality, entertainment and other real-time applications".

Supplier and Cost

Commercial product available from MultiGen

Information last updated on 2 December 1997.

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