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Packages - Rayshade

Purpose and General Description

Rayshade is an extensible system for creating ray-traced images and is designed to be easy to alter. The introductory page links to the Rayshade archives, a full user's guide, a quick-reference sheet, example images, course notes, user-contributed extensions, the Rayshade objects library and the Utah Raster Toolkit.

Input Formats Accepted

Tools are provided with Rayshade to convert from various alternative formats into Rayshade's own native format .ray - in addition Iv2Ray (link not available when last attempted) converts from Inventor format.

Output Formats Generated

Rayshade generates images and makes use of the Utah Raster Toolkit .


The general information page reports that Rayshade has been tested on many different UNIX-based computers, including: SGI 4D, IBM RS6000, Sun Sparcstations, Sun 3&4, DECstation, Apollo DN10000, NeXT, HPs, and so on. If your machine has a C compiler (non-ANSI OK), enough memory (at least 4Mb), and runs something resembling UNIX, Rayshade should be fairly easy to port. Rayshade has also been ported to non-UNIX platforms, including MSDOS, the Macintosh, the Amiga, and OS2.


Supplier and Cost

Rayshade is free.

Information last updated on 2 December 1997.

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