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Bibliographic History

Review of Visualization in the Social Sciences

Examples of Recent Visualization Research in the Social Sciences

This part of the report will review the recent use of visualisation in the social sciences. Specifically, the review has concentrated upon the use of visualisation in research, although other uses, such as in teaching and learning, have also been surveyed. The survey has employed two principal methods. Firstly, an extensive Web search was undertaken to ascertain the degree to which social science disciplines are using the Web as a medium to disseminate visualisation research. Secondly, a comprehensive review of several bibliographic databases, such as BIDS (Bath Information Data System), OPAC97 and the British Library's Blaise service was undertaken as a means of acquiring information on the most recent published visualisation research in the social sciences. Information from these two sources was then combined, using the different disciplines within social science as a means of structuring the report.

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