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Executive Summary

Overview Report

Main Report

Bibliographic History

Review of Visualization in the Social Sciences


Executive Summary

Overview Report

The History of Visualization in the Social Sciences
Distribution amongst the Different Social Sciences

Visualization in the Social Sciences

Recent Developments in Visualization

Computer Graphics
The World Wide Web
Virtual Reality

Examples of Recent Visualization in the Social Sciences

Politics, Economics and Sociology
Social Statistics
Visualization in Teaching and Learning in the Social Sciences
Visualizing the Web
Visualization Software on the Web


Weblinks and Gateways
A List of Potential Web Gateways
Cited and Uncited Web References

Visualization a Bibliographic History

The 1960s
The 1970s
The 1980s
The 1990s

List of Figures

Figure 1An illustration of the World Wide Web
Figure 2The 3D Analyst Extension for ArcView
Figure 3A Virtual World Display
Figure 4An Arcview Screen Display
Figure 5A GIS Viewed in Live3D
Figure 6A Lexis Plot
Figure 7A Traditional Time-Space Visualization
Figure 8The LifeLine Project
Figure 9World Trade Network Links
Figure 10Visualization of Social Networks
Figure 11Graphical Methods for Categorical Data
Figure 12A cdv Screen Display
Figure 13Visualizing the Web
Figure 14Hyperbolic Visualization of the Web

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